Lawn Mowing Service in Lexington KY.  

Please contact us to verify if you are in the local “Mowing Area”.

Larger lawns will be striped in 2-3 alternating directions throughout the Mowing Season; smaller lawns with multiple obstructions may only be striped in 1-2 alternating directions.

Lawn clippings will be blown off paved surfaces, which is included in the Yard Mowing fee.

Lawn Edging can be included for a small additional charge, or worked into a reoccurring fee.

Owning a large property can be quite delightful, but managing that much yard can consume your whole weekend. Now is the ideal time to speak with someone here at Lawns By Lichtefeld about scheduling regular lawn service. Lexington lawn owners, please call 859.207.8677 to schedule a free estimate.

Lexington, Kentucky is a wonderful place in which to live, work and play, but you probably don't want to spend every minute of your weekend tending to your landscape. Lawn service Lexington is not the only thing we do. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of landscape services, including fence replacement, flower garden planting and weeding, arboreal services and seasonal snow removal.

Lawns are a vital part of most landscapes, along with trees, shrubs, flower beds, French drains, fences, and water features. If you can dream up a lovely landscape, Lawns By Lichtefeld is the company to make that dream come true. Lawns By Lichtefeld has the skills, equipment and courteous crews to manage your residential or commercial landscaping year around. Many of our contented clients choose a twelve month service package that eliminates the need to schedule monthly or seasonal maintenance calls. We can help you decide which package is right for you.

Don't hire any company for your lawn service Lexington, if they won't provide you with excellent references. We would be happy to share examples of residential and commercial landscapes that we have designed, installed and currently manage. We are a locally owned and family operated lawn service Lexington company that has been doing marvelous things with Lexington landscapes since 2009. We can design and install a marvelous landscape that works perfectly with your architecture and outdoor space. Would you like a free, no obligation cost estimate? We would be pleased to come to your location and give you one, just call us at 859.207.8677 or send us an email at [email protected]

Please Contact Us to inquire about our very competitive Lawn Mowing Fees.


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