If you are going to spend the money to seed your yard, then it should be done the right way.

De-thatching is a process of removing all the dead grass that is laying on the ground from cuttings and natural grass reduction.

De-thatching a yard before laying down seed allows the seed to fall onto the ground soil instead of laying on top of old, dead grass.

Pictures below show how a yard looks before and after de-thatching. The dead old grass is laying on top of the healthy grass (we remove all the thatching  before seeding).

Before Dethatching

After Dethatching


 Aerate your lawns is a great way to help your lawn grow in a few ways.

  • It helps with the water getting to the root. 

  • Helps the chemicals get to the roots faster and better

  • Aerating also helps for oxygen to get to the roots to stimulate root growth

This is something you should do every couple of years to have good grass growth


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